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Amazing opportunities will soon be available to iPhone. With it, you can start the car. Also, a virtual car key can be sent to another person. No keys. Only iPhone. It’s pretty cool when you can unlock and start a car with your phone or smartwatch.

Apple is currently developing a feature “CarKey” in the beta version of iOS 13.4 for their iPhones.

This feature can be added to the Wallet app.

You can also unlock the car through Android. But this is in the future. There is Car  Connectivity Consortium  that has created a digital key standard. This association consists of:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • LG Electronics

Therefore, when developing the functionality, the manufacturers of Smartphone and iPhone stick to the established standard and CarKey will work, over time, on all mobile phones.

So that the owner can unlock the car using a mobile phone, it is necessary that the car has support  for:

  • “digital keys”


  • NFC reader

However, at the moment, car manufacturers have to program their own application to work with their car models, since the functionality of electronic keys is not perfect.

Apple CarKey is working towards such opportunities so that the key can even be shared with another person.

To unlock the car with a mobile phone, it will be possible to configure security in the form of:

  1. Graphic key to smartphone
  2. Face ID

After connecting the car and the smartphone, you can also add to the sharing of smart watches.

When will the CarKey feature be available?

The CarKey feature will be available in iOS 13.4. The stable version, as the developers expect, will be available to iphone users already in the middle of this year or in the fall.

CarKey by Apple for iPhone

The beta version for testing was released on February 5 – its functionality is checked by the software developers themselves.

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