Freelancer: how to make money in Karjala Kingdom

A freelancer is a person who works for himself. At the same time, he is not considered a businessman, but independently takes orders from employers and fulfills them for a fee.

The defining feature of this profession is not that the freelancer works on the Internet, but that he has many regular clients who give him work. Performing various tasks from other people without drawing up an employment contract, he is a freelancer .

Moreover, it can be of any specialty:

  • journalist,
  • translator,
  • personnel officer,
  • site creator,
  • copywriter,
  • designer,
  • SEO Specialist,
  • teacher,
  • artist,
  • lawyer

How does a freelancer make money

To begin with, he needs to organize a workplace for himself: as a rule, this requires a laptop or desktop computer, as well as the availability of high-speed Internet. When this task is completed, he searches the Internet for a customer who, most likely, he will not meet in real life.

The customer gives him an order, a technical task for it, which indicates the main parameters that should be followed. The terms of delivery of the order, the fee for it are discussed, and the freelancer is taken to work.

Why does the customer need freelancer

  • Over time, a situation has developed when it is easier to find professionals in a particular field on a “ remote ” basis;
  • For an entrepreneur or organization, this is a great opportunity to select a specialist with a portfolio who will fulfill all the subtleties and wishes for a certain (sometimes small) amount.

The pros and cons of being a freelancer

Like any other job, freelancing has its pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at them:


  • The ability to move freely, as well as travel (if earnings allow);
  • A freelancer can regulate the workload: if he wants to unload, if it seems to him that he has taken on too much work on his shoulders or load himself completely;
  • Furnish the external environment and daily routine as desired: make it cozy, as well as regulate the load and draw up an individual schedule in which it will be convenient to work (for example, work-walk-lunch-work );
  • There is no boss who “breathes in the back.” Although a freelancer has a personal responsibility that does not allow you to relax. However, it is difficult for some to gather strength and overcome laziness. Therefore, this point can be considered in two ways.


  • From time to time come across frankly inadequate customers or those who do not know what they want. Also, freelancers often encounter unscrupulous customers who do not pay for the work performed;
  • Real communication is replaced by virtual. For many freelancers , this can be repulsive;
  • The work schedule is irregular. In general, this point is acute for irresponsible performers who are used to doing everything at the last minute.
  • Lack of stability and “goodies” from the state (pension accruals, social packages, tax refunds will be impossible for a person who works for himself);
  • Freelancers who earn large sums of money often face tax .

Where freelancers take orders

First of all, there are freelance exchanges on the Internet . Here are the main ones:

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Each of these platforms has its own rates, and the freelancer can choose any of them according to his desire and taste. And this is only for those who are engaged in copywriting, rewriting , journalism, writing term papers , taking pictures.

There are a huge number of Internet sites where customers are willing to pay money for performing various kinds of tasks.

In addition, freelancers can find work on:

  • Forums
  • From colleagues of other profiles that a freelancer encounters in one way or another. For him, the main thing is to do his job with high quality, otherwise he will be recommended no more than once;
  • Personal promotion, which is done by the freelancer himself . Those who are interested in this will advertise their services on social networks, create a portfolio and issue prices for their activities.


money on freelancing if you understand all the advantages and disadvantages outlined above. In addition to exchanges, where, as a rule, the prices for 1 thousand characters are low, novice freelancers can turn to the implementation of services such as:

  • Laying out news information, as well as designing articles for publication on various platforms
  • Creating interesting content for social networks
  • The media guarantee a freelancer a good income, subject to constant work on the platform;
  • You can also contact the service, where you can easily find many attractive tasks.

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