How do I choose a hosting domain provider

Hosting – this is a special service offered by the provider, associated with the placement of your site files on their server, with the possibility of a round-the-clock connection to the Internet.

Domain is the name of the site by which your site can be found by typing in the address bar. Usually, providers charge a certain fee for hosting services and domain selection once a year, although you can set up payment on a monthly basis, but this will be somewhat more expensive.

Before choosing a hosting , you need to study the information from the most famous providers and compare it. Then choose a provider.

Useful for those who choose hosting

What you need to pay attention to. First of all, you should make sure that the chosen provider supports modern services, services and protocols necessary for the operation of your site (PHP, MySQL and other applications of the latest version). Almost all hosting providers today support popular CMS ( WordPress , Joomla , Modx , Drupal , PhpBB , 1C-Bitrix).

Ideally, if the hosting is located in one of the legal jurisdictions where there are maximum opportunities for your business.

Free hosting

Of course, you can try to place your site on a free hosting , but the downsides are that such a provider does not give any guarantees, forcibly places ads on your site, and besides, it can limit the speed, or even stupidly stop the service.

Most often cheating free hosting is as follows: during the first weeks your site works fine, and a month later you receive an offer from the provider to buy advertising from him.

If you refuse, your site begins to experience difficulties, constantly hangs. Here, as in the saying “the miser pays twice.”

Home hosting

Another option may be to host the site on a home computer, provided that server software is installed on it and there is round-the-clock access to the network. However, this option may be more suitable for a large commercial organization.

After all, server software loads the system very heavily and an expensive workstation is needed for the server. And the software itself costs a lot. Plus, the Internet connection must be high-speed.

What do I do to study providers

Before choosing a provider, it is best to look for reviews about it on the forums. From them you can understand how seriously the provider is doing its job.

There you can also learn about the quality of technical support – a service that helps at a difficult moment when there are some problems on the site and you are unable to deal with them yourself.

If the reviews are positive and the technical support staff quickly respond to customer requests, then this is an important advantage for the future site owner. With poor technical support , sites may be unavailable for several days, and we do not need this.

An important point that you should pay attention to is the presence of an automatic installation of the CMS you need – the system on which your site will work. With this function, it is much easier for a beginner to install the site on the provider’s server.

The next step is to analyze the cost of the services provided. Often providers offer discounts and bonus systems, for example, when you pay for a year domain for free. You should pay special attention to the methods of payment for the provider’s services so that it is convenient for you to pay for their services.

When choosing a provider, it is preferable to choose one that provides services in your language, otherwise, if difficulties arise, you will not be able to quickly communicate with the technical support service.

It is also important to know in which country the server will be located. This is necessary if your site is tied to a specific area and the main flow of users will come from this country.

If the provider provides a free trial option, you should take advantage of it to see how well it works.

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