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Hello dear friends. Thanks for visiting our blog . We have already written about negative trends in unemployment in an article about the age of machines .

With the development of electronics, machines are replacing people and many professions are disappearing. But if you keep up with the progress, you can find that new types of work are emerging. Just about one of them, namely, how to make money as a tutor on the Internet, we will talk in our article.

Tutor remotely

To tell the truth, I myself have quite a significant experience in teaching the exact sciences. At the beginning of the 2000s , this was my side income. Whatever one may say, it is rather difficult to live on a teacher’s salary, especially on a part-time basis.

In those distant times, the Internet was not as widespread as it is now, and I had to spend several hours on the road to the next student. And it was simply impossible to invite them to your home – cramped conditions did not allow you to stay with the necessary comfort.

Today, everything has changed – a modern tutor does not need to travel across the city to conduct a couple of lessons, and then it is just as difficult to come back.

There is such a surprisingly convenient program – Skype – with the help of it, each of us has the opportunity to video communicate with any person on Earth connected to the Internet. You know as well as I do that at present, the load on students is constantly growing, and the quality of knowledge suffers first of all from this. The perception of the child is often not as developed as we would all like it, so not all topics are understood by him in a timely manner.

A popular method of teaching via the Internet is that the tutor presents complex things in simple language, accessible to any modern child. As a result, the student will be able to understand the material in a timely manner and keep up with other children. A tutor who provides his services online , that is, over the network, has many advantages over a regular teacher.

What is an online tutor? These are remote individual lessons using video programs , instant messengers . Thus, even if you are many thousands of kilometers away, you can conduct classes at the most convenient time for you.

Five Benefits of an Online Tutor

The first plus will be the daily savings of money and time on the journey to the student, or the time and money that the student spends on getting to the tutor. Agree, both time and money are equally valuable today.

The second advantage of an online tutor compared to his classic counterpart, leading lessons in the old fashioned way , is the widest possible coverage of the audience. In other words, a tutor who conducts his classes via Skype opens up prospects for finding clients not only in his city (and this may be a small town, in particular, a village where there may not be any clients at all), but also anywhere in the world . Not so long ago, I talked with a girl living in Europe, but taking math lessons via Skype from a Moscow tutor.

The third advantage of an online tutor is purely psychological. Not every child, and even an adult (and there are also adult students) feels comfortable in physical proximity to an outsider, who is a teacher. Not everyone has a perfect order at home, and it may be inconvenient for someone to invite a tutor to their home. For this reason, by the way, up to 50% of all potential clients refuse the services of tutors. As strange as it may seem, this is the human psyche. By creating a comfortable psychological atmosphere and adhering to a democratic style of communication, the tutor allows his students to best absorb complex information. Agree, it is much more pleasant for any person to sit at home at their favorite computer and study complex sciences when no one bothers them, and they can concentrate on the main thing and understand everything. This approach is used in many civilized countries, but, unfortunately, our schools are hopelessly behind in this respect.

There is also a fourth advantage. Purely promotional. Using the Internet to earn money, you have the opportunity to reduce the price, because you have reduced costs to a minimum.

And, finally, the fifth plus is that an online tutor can choose any convenient time for teaching lessons. If you are a night owl and do not like to get up early, perhaps there will be students at this time of day. It is unlikely that this could be implemented without the Internet.

And one last piece of advice: if you decide to earn as a tutor remotely , that is, via the Internet, it will not be superfluous for you to make a video clip on YouTube , where you can record your appeal to potential clients. This approach is quite popular all over the world.

Good luck to you, and in this good.

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