How I Learn English Fast

Marina Orlova-Adut

Hello! My name is Marina! In this article, I share my experience of learning English.

If a person wants to know English, then he wants to be free. It is English that is the international language. If you want to learn English, read my recommendations.

How to remember a new word quickly

This is a big problem when I learn new words and later I forget them. How can we change this?

There is one way, that many English teachers advise. I have checked this method and it works! What is this method?

You need to come up with 10 examples with a one new  words. For example:

Take the word a «dog».

Let’s make 10 sentences with the word. Sentences will help us not just repeat the word

but also help us see the word in the volume.

  • I have a dog
  • a dog is black
  • I walk with my dog in the morning and evening
  • My dog likes meat
  • My dog has a calm character
  • I bought for my dog a dry food
  • What name to choose for my dog?
  • My dog snoring at night
  • All the neighbors loved my dog
  • We’ll go to the sea with my dog

You can divided your life into several parts. For example, a kitchen, bath, bedroom, music. Every day I try to speak English in this direction. I try to call things that I come across in this area, in English. For example, on kitchen:

  • To wash the dishes.
  • Wipe
  • Pour tea.
  • Boil the kettle.
  • Set the table.


Advertis method

Advertising is a miracle. When you see the same advertisement in English, you remember new phrases and new words.

Type in the search YouTube:

«popular advertisement commercials».

Choose something that you like, and see. Main advantage of commercials is a lot of pictures and few words.

How to learn 50 English words per day

Write on the A4 paper the new words chaotically. Then you can lead round every word in picture. If you come across a new word, draw it. While you are drawing, you increase the time acquaintance with this word. So you memorize it. On a one sheet fit 50 words with pictures.

How to remember a new word without repeating

New words are the basis of the study. If I know few words, then I do not know the language, I do not understand what is written in magazines, journals, news tapes, anywhere.

But the method of repetition does not help me remember new words. Because I remember a new words not for long and then I forget them.

What method of memorizing I found? You do not have to repeat the word, but you can find out its origin. For this you can write in Google the necessary word plus the word «etymology»

Etymology is the science of the origin of words. For example, the word computer. A few centuries ago a computer was a person who did calculations. The word computer consists of three parts:

  • «Com»– combine,
  • «Put»
  • Ending «er»

Language and words in the language is the result of the development of cultures and the history of different nations. The same word in different languages can have a different story. Use the etymology of words to remember them.

Why it is difficult to think in English?

I thought about that. This is because, for example, in the my imagination is a lot of holes. The holes is words and phrases that I do not know.

If I imagine something and I can not half pictures to describe by words and phrases I automatically start to think on my native language. More, learn a foreign language, as good as learn to juggle, can helps to you only repeat, repeat, repeat.

Why adults spend more time on learning English than newborns? The newborns does not know any language

If he does not know any word, he immediately asks about others. And he has only one choice – to remember and use that word, that to communicate with people. Adults do it more difficult. Since their native language instinctively displaces a new language.Therefore, can help only repeat, repeat, repeat.

For example habitual phrases:

«Happy New Year»

«I love you». People know them, in many countries, speaking different languages, because these phrases are very popular and many people say it.

What improves the speed of understanding of the English language

Read the news, read the books. Read everything by speaking. Read by speaking – most important! If you read in your mind – it will not work.

What’s best to read the first? Fairy tales, fairy tales for children. Why? Tales for young children (3-5 years) is very simple. They have few unfamiliar words.

What is accent in the speech?

Because I do not like my accent, and I understand that native English language do not like it too, I was looking for the answer to this question. Accent in the speech is the work of our facial muscles.

All languages of the world is different. Therefore, from the birth all people develop various muscles of the face.

When we are adults and trying to speak in a different language, for example English, the muscles that we need to speak without an accent, developed differently. Therefore, to speak without an accent – you need a long time to train. Listen to correct English pronunciation and train, train, train.

Practice – this is correct pronunciation without an accent.

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