How to buy trust backlink to website

Online marketing is getting harder and harder every year. If a couple of years ago it was possible to advance by purchasing mass links and writing articles using key phrases of medium and low frequency, today it will not work like that.

Therefore, how to properly promote the site with links and other important nuances – we will analyze with you below. By the way, you can place a link to your resource on our blog – we will also talk about this below.

Hosting Matters

This needs to be discussed first and then you will understand why. There are different hosting providers for hosting a website. Server hardware must be of high quality and very reliable. For example, ProfiComment is hosted on fozzy with the fastest system for delivering content to any point, while it is possible to choose a physical location for your data not only in Moscow, but also in large data centers in America, Asia or Europe.

In simple terms, then

The site is your virtual books in the form of content, articles. They need to be put somewhere.

Hosting is your personal cell in a virtual storage (library) called a server.

The server is a real box in the form of a computer on which you store your information and it is shown to people who visit the site.

The server can even be your computer. But for this, there must be conditions for good round-the-clock Internet, uninterrupted communication and much more.

But, only if the light is cut out in your house, then your computer will be cut down. People will stop accessing the site – search engines will immediately throw such a site out of the index. Therefore, parameters such as

  • blackout safety
  • Internet speed
  • line capacity
  • the ability of the server to withstand the simultaneous appeal of thousands of people
  • country of residence

characterize the quality of a particular hosting. All of the above is incredibly important for the quality of the site.

If you don’t want to store your content library in your country, you can store it where you feel safe.

Fozzy is perhaps the most profitable and sustainable hosting for today.


For example, you don’t want your site to go offline for several hours at some unexpected moment and fall out of the index? In this case, many years of work on the site can go down the drain in a few hours.

Moreover, bad hosting is a certain maximum for a site . For example, free hostings may not be able to withstand 100 people visiting the site at the same time. As soon as 101 enters, the site becomes unavailable to him, it takes a long time to load and an error may occur.

This is how you can suffer, promote the site, submit ads, and the site traffic does not exceed 100 people. And you may not even guess about this reason. Fozzy ProfiComment opens without problems.

Therefore, start your promotion with reliable hosting.

Where to place a quality link to the site

It is important to know. Search engines stopped indexing key phrases about 2 years ago. They also stopped taking into account bulk links, such as those purchased through task services.

Google sees a jump in the link mass automatically and can even throw the site out of the index. This is the worst thing to be afraid of when trying to advance.

If this happens and the site falls under the filter, then it will be almost impossible to get it out of there.

Cleaning the site’s reputation in front of search engines can drag on for six months – a year. Therefore, today in website promotion, the emphasis is on the quality of the link mass, and not on the quantity.

Now to business. Where and how to place quality links to your site?

Link quality is determined

  • the reputation of the resource from which it comes.
  • is it eternal or temporary.
  • What is the link accompanied by: a small comment, a picture, an article …

A quality link is usually:

  1. Should be in the form of a review article, interview and
  2. Must be hosted on a trusted resource.
  3. Must be open for indexing
  4. Must not have a redirect
  5. It must be eternal, otherwise the disappearance of the link may negatively affect the issuance and rating of your site in the future.

For example, a link to a site can be placed in a magazine like our ProfiComment – we place links without a time limit and they are open for indexing by search engines.

To stay with us, you need to write to us by email , which you can find in the ” contacts ” section or write a request in the comments below, leaving your mail for communication.

You can write an article yourself or this work can be done by professional authors of our ProfiComment magazine.

Our magazine contains many articles on the most topical topics. We follow trends and write about the most important things that people are interested in.

If you want to get a natural, weighty link, then it is best to use the services of portals such as ours. Independently look for resources that can mention you in their publications.

We do not recommend using the mass purchase of links, placing on 1000 unknown resources. Otherwise, a link to your site may end up in the open spaces of blocked resources with a black reputation, which will hit your site very quickly.

Manually searching for information resources is a laborious process, but it is the most effective.

Links from authors

To create a quality link, you cannot do without posts from social resources. But not everyone gives a direct link.

For example, you can maintain a blog on your own, for example, using the service – you can write posts of 1-2 thousand characters in size (a small announcement or a review of a released entry on the site) and leave a link.

However, there is a minus that the links will constantly come from the same place. Therefore, you need to contact other blog owners who maintain their own text blogs.

They usually already have a lot of articles written about something. Bloggers have unique photos from life, interesting notes. These blogs are trusted by search engines.

Links that search engines love

One of the trusted ways to get a quality link is to use the services of YouTube bloggers.

How to find those who are ready to add ads to the video and leave a link under the video?

You can go to the “ABOUT THE CHANNEL” section to bloggers and send them your request for advertising to the specified mail for cooperation.

Often, bloggers send their prices personally to the mail of their potential clients. In open access, usually bloggers do not write the terms of advertising. Only if they are very popular bloggers who have millions of subscribers. Those, of course, indicate prices even under the video.

Search engines are very fond of links from YouTube and all kinds of analytical resources see the link mass from YouTube at the very beginning.

Raising the rating of the link

A quality link is a good wrapper. Namely, the article. When talking about an article with a link, rarely does anyone set out to write a specific article. Usually the idea comes spontaneously, about something useful, but in fact, articles are different and can affect the quality of the link in different ways.


The article describes the benefits of something or someone. The review shows how the site works, what you can buy in the online store, what the magazine writes about, how to use the gadget, device.


As a rule, it is positive. Weaknesses are referred to as features (if needed) if the goal of a positive review is set.


Interview readers have a very good influence (influence on opinion). In an interview, you can use the technique of provocative questions that capture the attention of readers. You can give answers in advance to tricky questions that a consumer of any service, product, and other things can ask. An interview article, as a rule, forms a person’s opinion about a service, product, site, before he himself draws conclusions.


For example, the article “Why YouTube is better than TikTok for…. List the category of people” or vice versa. With the help of this kind of articles, one or another offer, website, and so on can be presented at the right angle.

Rebuttal (reputation cleansing)

This type of article helps to clean up the reputation of a person, site, product. For example, there may already be some bad review on the Internet. But removing it is not always possible. The only thing that remains is the refutation of the existing negative information. For example, there might be a negative review about something. There are many possibilities, to make a refutation, to find clues that this is not true. Depending on the situation, not all sites can take on rebuttal articles. Therefore, everything requires an individual approach and discussion.


If the site is tailored for some kind of equipment, product, service, then an article in the format of a manual can not only carry a link, but also useful information that people are looking for on the Internet.


Many people search the internet for advice. For example, “advice on how to find a rich man on the Internet” or “what to do if a guy doesn’t write or call” …


News is quickly indexed by search engines, but news information quickly loses relevance. Therefore, for reference, the news must be relevant for a long time. For example, some law came into force. Its action can be regulatory for the next 5-10 years, and information about this can be sought throughout this time. For example, some law for foreign drivers came into force


If the site belongs to a certain category of topics, you can develop a special TOP for a specific site. Find a certain criterion and make sure that the site is in this TOP in the first place.

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