How We Choose Domain Name For Website

Hello everyone, my name is Oleg and I’m a junior web developer. The question of this article is – what domain name should you choose for your business website or blog, so that the search engines perceive it positively?

If you are a businessman or a blogger, for successful development on the Internet you do not have enough to create an account on the social network. So you need to have a modern website. With the help of information technology it’s quite simple, but the creation of a popular site is impossible without a successful domain name. How to choose it? Read more.

Unique name for your domain

If you are going to create your own website, first of all you will need to think of a unique name for domain. Why is it so important to think of a unique name for the website?

In the Internet, each site has a name – it’s his domain name. Users and search engines will be able to find the site through a domain name. If the domain name is taken, then you can not give it to your site.

Some domain names are protected by copyright. Such words can not be used in the name of the website. For example, recently, Google began litigation with a Russian programmer Vitaly Popov, who registered a similar domain


The first letter of the domain “ɢ” is the Unicode character encoding, which is 0262 and visually similar to the Latin “G”. This domain looks very similar to the domain and GOOGLE believes that its rights are violated.

Therefore, it is so important to choose a unique domain name!

Choose Top-level domain

The top-level domain indicates a country or direction on the Internet. For example, domain zones by country (country code Top-Level Domain, ccTLD):

.us United States
.uk United Kingdom
.eu European Union
.cn China (PRC)
.au Australia
.ca Canada
.de Germany
.in India
.it Italy
.jp Japan


You can also use generic top-level domains (gTLDs) – this is a group of domains that do not have a geographic or country designation. Here are the most popular of gTLDs:

.com For commercial sites
.biz For business
.net For network
.info For information
.org For organization (historically non-commercial, for example,

Top-level domains are very many and a full list you can find on the Internet.

The main rule: when choosing a top-level domain you need to focus on where the most traffic to your site will go. If from a certain country, then choose a national domain ccTLD, if the site without georeferencing – choose generic domain gTLD.

Keywords in the domain name

SEO experts think that a good domain name should contain keywords. Because it’s good for promotion in search engines. Let’s check this.

Let’s analyze the first top-100 search results Google by popular request «Buy mobile phone».

As you can see from screenshot, the Google search engine produces at the very top those websites where domain names contain a keyword. In this case, this is the keyword «buy». Below the search engine has issued sites with keywords «mobile» and «phone».

Conclusion: search engines pay special attention to the coincidence of the domain name and subject matter of the site, so for successful search engine promotion it is preferable to use keywords in the domain name.

Number of characters in the domain name

For an excellent result you need to choose domain name that is short, understandable and easy to remember. This enhances the search engines’ friendly attitude to the site, and also enhances the recognition among Internet users.

To achieve this result, the number of characters should be minimal. Usually, web developers use 5-15 characters.

The most popular sites in the world according to


As you can see, the most popular websites in the world have a maximum of 9 characters.

Also, if you want you can buy already taken domain, but put up for sale. This can be relevant if your company has a lot of money.

The advantage of buying domain names is that they have a certain level of trust of search engines. That is, the older the domain, the higher the level of trust in the search engines. Therefore, some companies prefer to buy old domains with a history, than to invent new ones.

Where to buy a domain?

Domain name can be purchased with the help of special services – registrars. Often the service of choosing and buying a domain is included in one of the services of the hosting provider. Many hosters use it for advertising purposes and offer free domain registration as a gift to the chosen tariff.

However, in my personal experience it is better to buy a domain name from an Internet registrar, and hosting – to buy separately. This is convenient if you want to change the hosting provider.

Among the most famous registrars I dealt with and

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That’s all, thanks for your attention, I’ll be glad to see your comments.

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