How we learn new language quickly

Modern man strives to know more. Knowing the language of another country is the key to new opportunities.

Learning a foreign language is very difficult. But if you understand and act correctly, you can understand the language without much effort.

How to learn a foreign language

Have you decided to start a business or are you already an experienced entrepreneur? At some point, you may feel (or have already felt) a certain vacuum due to the lack of knowledge of another language. English is the most popular today. It is taught in almost all countries of the world, which helps people “find a common language.”

If you have consciously come to learn English or any other language, then you are probably asking yourself the most important question:

  • How to quickly learn a foreign language?

Many people, especially those not connected with business, say that knowledge of English is not necessary, that it is very difficult to learn it, like other languages in general. However, this is a great misconception! Ignorance of the language that almost the whole world is trying to speak is a dead end.

To establish business contacts with partners from other countries, one Google translator is not enough. Very little!

That is why today such a profession as a translator is still in demand, since business people are simply not able to build a dialogue with the help of on-line dictionaries. However , you will agree that it is very inconvenient to use the services of an interpreter. Many issues have to be resolved by e-mail sitting at home in silence or in a private friendly conversation with an eye-to-eye . In addition, few people want to dedicate a stranger to any business plans. Therefore, direct communication with potential partners from other countries is a necessity, not a whim.

On-line translators are something like:

  • My name is so-and-so, I want to probably let it not.
  • I do not know why you can not understand why.

What to say about some serious things …

You can comprehend a foreign language and here’s why

How to learn a foreign language on your own, and is it even possible? Maybe! Here are some rules, following which you can learn English or any other language:

  1. Feel like a child. Do not try to climb into books at the first stages and try to learn words, and even more so the rules for writing phrases and sentences. It will only push you away from learning. Find something related to a foreign language that you like. Music, clips, cartoons, fairy tales, films, news sites. Just watch, listen, try to read, repeat. Just start getting used to the new language.
  2. Regularly , EVERY DAY, pay attention to the language. Remember some expressions, phrases that you know for sure. For example, from English:
  • Hello !
  • I love you
  • Bye
  • I’ll be back (popular phrase from the movie “Terminator”)

Often meeting familiar words with unfamiliar ones, the latter are remembered faster. Especially if new words and expressions are accompanied by some kind of picture or emotion.

  1. Get yourself a text file on your computer where you add your favorite sentences, phrases and words with translation. This text file should become your diary (diary), which will always flicker before your eyes on your desktop monitor.
  2. Find your passion in a foreign language. For example, become an active fan of some pop star, actor, football team. Join forum members on the selected site. Look at the pictures, read the headlines, pay attention to the emoticons, feel the energy.
  3. Get into the habit of creating little sticky word lists for yourself called 3 Words of the Day. For a year – this is 1200 new words. Stick this sticker somewhere in the kitchen, in the toilet, or on the monitor, after all. You will very easily be able to memorize three new words during the day. If, of course, you are a particularly stubborn person, then you can write 5 words for yourself every day. But more than 10 is not recommended. Where do you get these words from? From the forum, songs, phrases from the movies that you have translated. Don’t just learn words from a dictionary. You have to take them out of context so that when you memorize them, you remember where they were taken from and what they wanted to say. So much easier. This technique will help you learn a foreign language for free .
  4. Although at the beginning it was said that on-line translators are not suitable for serious communication, however, a virtual translator helps a lot in learning the language. There are various applications and extensions for browsers. For example, ” Google Dictionary ” – it can be integrated directly into the Google browser . To translate a word on a page, you just need to highlight it. Very comfortably! It is in this, in the style of a hobby, that one should start learning a foreign language.
  1. Do not try to learn transcription (special characters that help you read a foreign word). Use the same Google translator. It has a “voice” function. Therefore, to understand how a particular word or phrase is pronounced , just click on the “column” icon.
  1. At that moment , when you feel that you are not afraid of a foreign language and new words – only then take on educational literature and a dictionary. As practice shows, this feeling comes after 2-3 months of familiarization with the language. After that, another 2-3 months are enough to learn the minimum vocabulary (that’s 300-500 words). Further, exponentially, you will feel how a foreign language is gradually becoming for you a continuation of your native speech. To achieve this, follow the rule number 2 – a foreign language should be present in your life EVERY DAY, at least a little bit!

These are perhaps the main ways to learn a foreign language. Adhering to this tactic, and you will painlessly penetrate your psyche not only into the language itself, but also into its culture. After all, every word, every expression, proverb – all this reflects the mentality of people who speak and live in the motherland of the language from birth. And this is very important for any entrepreneur.

Which foreign language to learn is up to you. But 90% of people around the world master English, but with the help of Google-translate, you can choose any of the 90 offered for yourself. Yes, this service has just such a number of languages.

Learn a language easily!

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