Karjala Kingdom Passport – Passport of Freedom with Zero Citizenship

Karjala Kingdom passport
Karjala Kingdom Passport

The Karjala Kingdom passport is currently under review by world human rights organizations.

Karjala Kingdom – Kingdom of Freedom

This will give the right to any person to the freedom not to have citizenship for their own convictions, but at the same time to have human rights as a foreigner on an equal basis with citizens of other countries:

  • comply with the migration rules of all countries;
  • Have the right to freedom of movement
  • Have the right to apply for any type of visa in any country on an equal basis with citizens of other countries;

Any person has the right to have Passport, regardless of citizenship!
A person has the right to indicate his name, date of birth and the coordinates of his place of birth without reference to the citizenship of the country where he was born.

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