My 10 Must-Have Rules for a Web Designer

My 10 most important steps that I see for a successful web designer.

These actions can be performed by every self-respecting web designer if he wants his site to bring him profit. All these steps are aimed at improving the usability of the site, that is, the convenience of the Internet resource for end users. What are these rules, you will now find out.

Improving website usability

Usability is the convenience of web browsing by users. If your site is well eaten by machines, that is, it is perfectly perceived by search bots, this does not mean that traffic will grow on it. After all, users are not bots, and they do not need dry tags.

Users love the user friendly interface of web pages. Therefore, improving the usability of the site is the most important part of SEO promotion. And that means more earning potential.

beautiful styles

We decorate the text. If your site has a lot of text content and it is located in a single color version, this is very bad for the usability of the entire site.

As practice shows, ordinary users rarely read such articles to the end. Most often, people do not read such a text at all – simply because it is not convenient. Therefore, the first rule of usability is to decorate the text with different colors, add colored blocks, with different fills.


Place the search form in a convenient location. The search form is a pretty practical element on any website. Many administrators forget about this, but in vain.

Out of habit, when the user did not find something on this page, he can try to look for additional information by searching on your site. This greatly increases the behavioral ranking factors of your site.

But this can only happen if he quickly finds this search form on the site. Therefore, follow this rule and try to place the search form in the most convenient place for the user.


Set up breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are the full path to each of your articles. Usually, breadcrumbs are displayed above the article and the user can easily find out which section he is currently in. This is good for behavioral factors, as it increases internal clicks on the site. Breadcrumbs should be made in such a way that the reader notices them.


Create an attractive and memorable favicon . A favicon is an image file that appears in the search bar when a browser opens your site. A stylish and memorable favicon is another small plus for your SEO promotion.

User Registration

Consider user registration. Registering users on your site is a feature provided by the wordpress engine . And to improve usability, this property can be used.

If the user passes an easy registration on the site, be sure that he will definitely add your resource to his bookmarks. It will also increase the regularity of his visits to your site – a registered user leaves comments more often and regularly monitors who and how answered them.


Choose fonts. Much of the site depends on which font is selected. Font size also affects the readability of textual information. Therefore, pay attention to this point.


Use quotes. This is an additional feature for highlighting a block with text. With the help of a quote, you can give a special meaning to a sentence. Focus the reader’s attention on something very important. Users love when quotes appear on the site.


Use polls. It can sometimes be useful to run an interactive survey on a site – this enhances usability by allowing users to better express a particular interest in the content . It seems to them that they are participating in something important and useful.

Font increase button

Button to increase the font size. Not all readers see equally well. For some of them, it is useful to place a button to increase the text size – it does not take up much space, but improves behavioral factors.


Unique memorable photos. Pictures on a website are one of the best ways to convey a piece of information without text. When there are no photos on the page, users do not really like it. Some leave immediately, as they are not ready to read a dry article. By using unique photos, you increase usability and also allow search engines to rank your site higher for photos.

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