My 10 Must-Have SEO Rules for WordPress WebSite

If you want to make money from your site, you should know that there are certain search engine ranking rules. So, if your site satisfies these ranking factors, search engines lift it up in the search results. And more and more visitors see your site. As a result, new users’ transitions to your site increase, that is, traffic increases. And then it depends on you how you will earn on this traffic. In this article, we will talk about the mandatory SEO rules that will help your site climb into the TOP 10 of Google .

Who is a SEO or SEO specialist, I think you do not need to explain for a long time? If you have already created your site, then you have some idea that your site should be promoted among competitors.

So the SEO specialist just helps in improving the ranking of the site. Here are 10 top-priority rules that every SEO specialist must follow if he wants his site to rise to the top 5 search engines.

10 Must-Have SEO Rules You Must Do to Start Making Money with Your WordPress Site

The main rule for HTML code is that it should be beautiful. What does it mean? Code – must comply with certain rules, do not contain errors and unnecessary elements, be fast in order to speed up page loading. Therefore, the following rules must be applied without fail.

Rule number 1. Remove plugins

Plugins greatly slow down the loading of the page, and if the loading time exceeds 5 seconds, then more than 50% of users close such a site without waiting for the page to open. This has a very negative effect on promotion. Therefore, extra plugins are extra seconds of loading, due to which your site may lose users.

Rule number 2. Minify CSS

In order for pages to load as quickly as possible, you should carefully take care of the CSS file (or files, if you have several of them). It is best to combine different CSS files into one – this will also speed up the loading of styles.

You can also use the function – compress the CSS file: there are special programs, and even in Google PageSpeed Insight has such an opportunity. When compressing CSS, all unnecessary spaces and comments are removed from it.

Rule number 3. Remove JS (JavaScript)

Some templates have automatic loading of blocks with JavaScript , which, however , are not used in any way on your site. Check if all of them work and if you find unnecessary scripts , move them to the Footer (site footer) so that they do not slow down page loading or disable them altogether.

Rule number 4. Optimize Robots.txt

This file is actually very important for search engines, since it is from it that they read indexing commands.

Rule number 5. Customize .htaccess

In this file, you can configure page caching, as well as some other extremely useful features. How well your file is set up. htaccess will depend on the download speed, and hence the love of search engines for you.

Rule number 6. Correct Sitemap

The sitemap or sitemap.xml is an important place in customizing the code. Search engines often use this site for official purposes and take the necessary commands from it.

Rule number 7. Optimize PHP

Where possible , translate PHP code into direct URLs . This will reduce the number of calls to the server and also increase the page loading speed.

Rule number 8. Responsive design

If you still don’t have responsive design set up, set it up. Fluid design is the ability of your site to open at any screen resolution without a horizontal scroll bar. That is, taking up 100% of the screen width.

There are a huge number of fluid design templates in WordPress , so choosing from the available ones is not difficult. After changing the template, don’t forget to check how your site is displayed on all screens from mobile to HD.

Rule number 9. Create AMP Pages

New Feature from Google : AMP Pages. This is a new fast loading html page format. Google Corporation announced in the fall of 2016 that it will now raise AMP pages in the search results. So be aware that your pages may crash at the very top if you follow this rule.

Rule number 10. Use analytics regularly

Analytics from Google is an inexhaustible supply of information that is extremely useful for any SEO . By the way changes occur on your site, you can follow and draw conclusions about what needs to be changed or corrected.

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