Top 100 Online Jobs, Careers and Internet Professions: Karjala Kingdom Hiring List

Previously, only narrow profile specialists from the IT world could apply for remote vacancies, but today everything has changed.

There is work on the internet

  • and for doctors
  • and for teachers
  • and for sellers
  • and even for the guards!

This list of 100 jobs includes the most famous and newest professions, so you will be surprised that you can find jobs on the Internet with no knowledge of programming at all.

Classic Internet Professions


Webmaster is one of the most popular professions on the Internet. A webmaster is a specialist who develops and administers a website . In other words, he creates a site from scratch. And can work completely remotely. We can say that he programs websites.

This is very relevant recently, when many employees are transferred to remote work due to the coronavirus . A specialist earns decently – on average, at least $ 1,000. If a webmaster works for a cool company located in a metropolis, the income can rise to $1500 – $3500.

Job responsibilities:

  • Development and refinement of company websites
  • Administration and support
  • Website Design Editing


  • Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript , MySQL

Salary level:

  • From $1 000 per month



What is a site without useful and competent articles? And who is doing this? Writing texts for websites is the “bread” of a copywriter – a specialist in creating text content on the Internet.

The text must be written correctly, taking into account:

  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • grammar
  • Internet vocabulary

Job responsibilities:

  • Copywriting ( rewriting , advertising copywriting , SEO and SMM copywriting );
  • Texts for videos;
  • Film scripts;
  • Compilation of unique SEO texts for websites;
  • Preparation of promotional materials for the website, TV and media;
  • Identification of current topics;
  • Preparation of articles, reviews, notes;
  • Writing texts for presentations, advertising banners, leaflets, booklets, flyers .


  • Competent ability to express your thoughts in the text;
  • Good orientation in the chosen area;
  • The ability to come up with effective headlines, concisely and informatively build the text;
  • Skillfully use the semantic core in the work, as well as key queries;
  • Understand the basics of search engine optimization;
  • Higher profile education (depends on the employer)

Salary level:

  • From $100 per day (on exchanges) or from $650 with permanent employment



An Internet photographer is a specialist in remote processing of illustrations. In order for the images on the site to be of high quality and unique, the Internet photographer must edit them in the right way. Sometimes a remote photographer may be on assignment to photograph certain objects on the ground or goods for online store.

Most popular destinations:

  • wedding photography
  • product photography for an online store
  • photoshoot

Also a great option, especially for those who know how to handle the lens – parallel passive income through special photostocks or photobanks. Here is a great list of the coolest photo stocks for photographers:

  • rating of free photostocks .

Job responsibilities:

  • Color correction , processing, image editing;
  • Photo retouching;
  • Preparation of unique pictures for the site, TV and media;
  • Knowledge of TIFF, JPEG, RAW, PNG, GIF formats


  • Photoshop is considered a classic of the genre if you understand it, the rest is a matter of technology);
  • Quality photo skills;
  • Possession of professional photography equipment ;

Salary level:

  • From $500 per month. for a photo shoot


4.Content manager

The content manager is engaged in filling the site with thematic content (articles, news, pictures and descriptions of commodity items), and also monitors the performance of the site itself.

In a simple sense, this is like the production editor of a classic newspaper, that is, he is responsible for ensuring that the site is always up to date:

  • news
  • articles
  • Pictures
  • data
  • prices (for online stores )

Usually a content manager is engaged in ordering content on exchanges

Job responsibilities:

  • Creation of product descriptions, creation of unique texts;
  • Work with the site administration panel;
  • Filling the site with text and graphic materials;
  • Search and processing of photos for further posting on the site.


  • Competent written speech;
  • Responsibility;
  • Ability to set a task and complete it on time;
  • Strong level of PC proficiency;
  • Important! The work involves a large amount of information;
  • Working knowledge of modern CMS (WordPress , Joomla!);
  • Knowledge of graphic programs, Photoshop (for example, for online stores).

Salary level:

  • $500 per month


5.SMM specialist

SMM stands for “Social Media Marketing” – social media marketing. An SMM specialist at home or remotely is engaged in attracting traffic from social networks, promoting a brand or product on social platforms, primarily in:

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest


Job responsibilities:

  • Brand promotion by posting (publishing posts) on thematic forums and social networks .
  • Building a positive image on social media
  • Increasing the social capital of the customer


  • Ability to write well-written interesting posts on the topic;
  • Availability of own accounts on the specified thematic forums;
  • Availability of social media accounts ;
  • Knowledge of social ethics in forums and social networks .
Salary level:
  • $600 per month


6.Web Designer

Professional development and implementation of the design of an Internet resource is a task for a web designer. It is he, a remote design specialist, who creates a unique and memorable interface for a popular web application. The main function of a web designer is to come up with and implement an attractive and usability-friendly website so that visitors enjoy using this resource.

Job responsibilities:

  • drawing site design layouts
  • web project design drawing
  • banner design
  • corporate identity design (brandbook)
  • creating presentations
  • modeling
  • High level skills in Photoshop and CoralDraw
  • knowledge of modern browsers
  • understanding how the design and modeling of sites takes place;
  • layout basics, basics of HTML, CSS,
  • Understanding of PHP and JavaScript languages;
  • Knowledge of graphic design theory;
  • Knowledge of the topics of created information resources and features of their perception by the user;
  • Keep abreast of the latest trends in web design, UI and UX;
  • Advertising skills;
  • basics of drawing, painting, composition, color perception;
  • font design basics.
Salary level:
  • $800 per month


7.Website layout designer

A layout designer is a narrower HTML layout specialist who translates visual images, layouts directly into html and CSS code embedded on a site, and also performs other tasks related to the correct operation of the code on a web page .


Job responsibilities:

  • HTML layout
  • CSS layout
  • JavaScript layout (for advanced )


  • Photoshop and CoralDraw skills _
  • professional knowledge of HTML, CSS,
  • Understanding of PHP and JavaScript languages;
  • Website engine management
  • font design basics.
Salary level:
  • $800 per month


8.SEO optimizer

For any website on the Internet, one of the most important components of success is SEO ( search ). engine optimization – optimization in search engines). SEO-optimizer is engaged in complex website promotion in search engines, primarily in

  • Google

in order to raise it to the TOP 10, TOP 5 and even TOP 3 search engine visibility. If you work at the international level, then knowledge of the top 10 search engines in the world can come in handy.

Job responsibilities:

  • Ability to audit the site;
  • Development of a website promotion strategy in Google ;
  • Monitoring of the market, products, competitors;
  • Creation of a semantic core;
  • Drawing up a competent technical task for optimizing the interface and content
  • Website usability analysis
  • Ability to work with link exchanges, freelance exchanges, article exchanges
  • Conversion Skills
  • Calculation and savings of the budget for search promotion


  • Experience with internal website optimization
  • Ability to analyze search results
  • Knowledge of usability principles
  • Interface optimization experience
  • Experience in drafting audits with recommendations
  • Experience with link exchanges, freelance exchanges, article exchanges
  • Successful experience of promoting sites (requests) in Google
Salary level:
  • $700 per month


9.Video model

Today, few people will be surprised by such a phenomenon as a video blogger. Mega popular YouTube bloggers , the so-called. Youtubers like PewDiePie are gaining millions of subscribers and billions of YouTube video views.

This format has become super popular with the community. Therefore, today there are requests and potential offers from employers for such a remote vacancy as a video model or video blogger .

Job responsibilities:

  • Creation of video content according to certain standards


  • Ability to take photos and videos on a smartphone, video camera;
  • Experience in communicating with an audience
  • Experience with live streaming;
  • Acting talent and originality of the image (welcome)
  • Portrait photography
  • Staged photography
  • Video processing
  • Studio photography
  • The presence of active social media and youtube accounts
Salary level:
  • $1000 per month



A programmer (Developer) is one of the most important IT specialists on the Internet.

Depending on the experience, skills and programming language, as well as on the specific project and employer, the salary level of programmers can vary from 1 thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.

Job responsibilities:

  • Development of a program for a specific TK
  • Ability to choose a specific programming language for a given task
  • Working with the database
  • Debugging code
  • Maintenance of created programs


  • Knowledge of programming languages – one or more (Java , PHP, JS, Python , C++)
  • Education: higher technical.
  • Knowledge DB (MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL)
Salary level:
  • From $1500 per month



web programmer

A developer who designs and implements directly Internet applications and sites is called a web programmer.

With the development of the World Wide Web, this remote profession has become widely known, and today many young men and women dream of becoming not pilots or astronauts, but Web programmers.

Job responsibilities:

  • Development of a service or mobile application
  • Working with the database
  • Debugging code


  • Knowledge of programming languages – one or more ( Java , PHP, JS, Python , C++)
  • Knowledge DB (MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL)
  • Experience in building web applications
  • Ability to read other people’s code
Salary level:
  • From $1700 per month


Online store administrator

admin online store – this is perhaps the most attractive vacancy in remote mode .

According to statistics, this is one of the first places in terms of popularity among girls aged 25-35. The number of such stores is steadily growing, but retail outlets, on the contrary, are closing. Therefore, everyone goes to online sellers.


Job responsibilities:

  • Be online during certain store opening hours
  • Acceptance and processing of orders


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Grammatically correct speech
  • PC proficiency
  • Basic knowledge of the Internet , working with e-mail and Skype .
  • Good computer and fast internet connection .
  • CMS skills WordPress , Joomla (sometimes)
Salary level:
  • $600 per month



The active dissemination of the social component on websites and forums has led to the appearance of hundreds and even thousands of comments. The moderator of a forum or group in a social network ( for example , a group, Facebook , a YouTube channel ) controls and checks ( moderates ) entries from users.

There are moderators on major job search portals, freelance exchanges, and they all work remotely.


The person who is responsible for growing the sales of an internet company is called an internet marketer . This is quite an interesting, extensive, multi-tasking and exciting profession at home.

Contextual advertising specialist

Not all Internet projects are able to break into the TOP of search engines without buying contextual advertising on Google AdWords . And in such cases, this remote contextual advertising specialist comes to the rescue. To Google AdWords has a lot of settings and any, even the slightest mistake, can lead to a loss of the advertising budget. Therefore, these specialists are urgently needed and in demand.

software tester

The tester is responsible for testing the developed software before it reaches the consumers. ON . This is another relevant remote vacancy, thanks to which you can find a stable job.

remote sales manager

We have already described this most popular profession more than once (how to make money as a sales manager). In our list of remote vacancies, the profession of sales manager at home office occupies a special place. The same Apple sales consultant who works remotely can earn quite decent money. Yes, you don’t need to know much about programming.

translator _

We have already written about how to quickly learn a foreign language. Today, the profession of a translator is needed on the Internet – this is important for any company that is engaged in promotion to foreign markets.

Not everyone knows how to speak another language, and even writing competent texts or compiling translations of foreign documentation is something that not many people can do at all.

Unfortunately, the translator from Google translates complex texts extremely poorly, so a professional linguist is indispensable. The most popular remote translators from English and Chinese.


I have already written about how to make money as an online tutor.

With the development of the Internet, it is no longer necessary to visit students at home – you can conduct lessons remotely via messenger .

There are special web services involved in organizing the work of tutors and teachers via the Internet.

More modern Internet professions


We have already written about how to make money on stocks and how to make money on currency races. A trader is a specialist who is professionally versed in stocks, price dynamics, fluctuations, stock exchanges and everything related to the world of securities. The profession of a trader ( trader ) allows you to work remotely, and besides, the upper salary cap is not limited by anything.


The multitude of new construction projects and infrastructure units that have recently been built around the world require a large amount of design work. A designer is a specialist who can perform this work remotely from home, because to create a project it is enough for him to have a good computer at hand with the latest version of a specialized program installed on it, like AutoCAD.


More and more vacancies related to the finance of small and medium-sized enterprises are classified as remote . Outsourced remote accounting is a common service for entrepreneurs. More and more accountants are moving to work in the home office .

Tax Expert

A specialist with excellent knowledge of tax legislation is able to save any company a lot of money. And for the current work there is no need to sit in the office, because the tax expert is a relevant Internet profession.


Living on credit is no surprise today. And it also happens that a person did not calculate his strength and allowed non-payment of borrowed money. This is where the collector comes in . Debt collection on overdue loans consists in regular psychological impact on the debtor through the phone and the Internet, so such specialists are increasingly working from home.

jurist _

Legal advice, civil rights protection, filing and filing lawsuits – now all this work can be done online (under the new legislation, you can file a lawsuit over the Internet). In this regard, a lawyer can provide his services remotely.


At first glance, it may seem that the profession of a security guard can not be on the Internet. But the fact of the matter is that at first glance. With the development of telecommunications video surveillance and mobile phone tracking, a security guard can monitor what is happening at the site from home if he has a computer with sufficient network speed.


Work as a psychologist or an employee of the emergency center in home mode office – today it is an increasingly common vacancy at labor exchanges.

call center operator

Advising callers, explaining to them certain nuances of the functioning of the system – this is done by operators in the call centers of banks, payment services, mobile operators and other large enterprises.

You can answer incoming phone calls from anywhere where there is a mobile connection, so such specialists have long been working remotely. Sometimes, however, under the guise of a call center operator , cunning employers are looking for an active sales manager who has to call customers himself, but such a deception is easy enough to recognize.

logist remotely

The cargo carrier company needs not only cars and drivers. Calls from customers are more conveniently handled by a separate, responsible person who is not driving.

A freight forwarder can clearly instruct the caller and form his order – an excellent online job for a sociable person.


For some businesses, simply posting jobs online is not an option. Sometimes large amounts of labor are needed, for example, when some new and large project is being urgently formed. A specialist who searches for workers remotely is called a recruiter . In addition to searching for employees, the recruiter also performs initial consultations and interviews with candidates and weeds out frankly unsuitable employees.


It is difficult to imagine a city without realtors – this is one of the most popular professions for people of the middle and older generations. A realtor can work not only in the office, but also at home – you just need to go to property shows, meeting clients at a predetermined place.


20-30 years ago, no one could have imagined that doctors would provide services remotely. And today it is a banal reality. Consulting patients via Skype or via messengers has become a breakthrough, because it has reduced the cost of consultations and improved their quality. A dietitian is increasingly working in a home office system , and for those who have a medical education and the necessary qualifications, this is an additional chance for employment.

Clothing constructor

Creating new types of clothing, developing the concepts of fashion trends and implementing them in the design of wardrobe items is another exciting activity for freelancers , for which there are sometimes vacancies from clothing manufacturers, fashion houses, boutiques and ateliers.

insurance broker

Finding clients and selecting insurance conditions, processing insurance claims, consulting clients, negotiating and presenting new products – all this and much more is required from an insurance broker working remotely.

Advertising product designer

Thousands of banners and billboards , distribution of leaflets near the metro, business cards, booklets and posters need to be created just like the goods themselves that are advertised on them. Many companies prefer to hire a specialist for such work on a remote basis. Thus, the designer of promotional products is becoming a common Internet profession.

Purchasing and Logistics Manager

Companies engaged in wholesale trade or manufacturing activities need to purchase cheap and high-quality initial products no less than in distribution channels. Today it is important not only to sell quickly, but also to buy profitably – this is the key to a stable income and prosperity of the company. There is no need to keep such a specialist on staff, and many enterprises hire purchasing managers on freelance exchanges .

News Editor

Many of you regularly read news on the Internet. But few people realize that this news content is often created at home by professional news editors. Today, there is no need to rent a huge office for the employees of the online publication – prompt preparation and publication of the latest news can be carried out from anywhere where there is Internet access.

Tender Specialist

Preparation of auction documentation, work with tender reports, search for new tenders, work with auctions and tenders – this is not a complete list of duties assigned to a tender specialist in the home office.

Tour organizer

If you think that you can only work on the Internet as a programmer or sales manager, then I hasten to please you – the World Wide Web is so global that there is a place for everyone in it! It would seem that such a profession as a tour organizer is so far from the Internet, but even on some resources it flashes like a remote one! In particular, when preparing this list of online vacancies, I came across a remote vacancy for a tour organizer for a Moscow theater – the only requirement was experience with theater groups, and % from the tour contract was offered as a salary.

Unusual remote work vacancies


An analytical mindset, economic education, knowledge of financial models, experience with corporate reporting and much more will be required for a candidate for the position of an economist-analyst for remote work. This is a great chance for a graduate of the Faculty of Economics to arrange his professional destiny via the Internet!

Support Specialist

Well, what kind of hosting or large Internet service can do without round-the-clock technical support. Yandex employs hundreds of such employees . And smaller companies are hiring remote workers. technical support among freelancers .

Interior designer

Design of apartment interiors, design of cottages and country houses, planning solutions, selection of materials , visualization, project management, architectural supervision – today more and more often such work is entrusted to remote interior designers. For successful employment, you will need a specialized education or sufficient experience in a similar position, as well as knowledge of 3D modeling, the ability to perform drawings using 3DMax, v-ray , AutoCAD , ArctiCAD or Photoshop .

freelance journalist

Online magazines are regularly looking for authors of feature articles. You can get a job in an online publication on any of a wide variety of topics: if you understand cars, medicine, English, politics, economics or mobile technologies, then it will be easy for you to get a remote job as a freelance journalist.

Taxi Dispatcher

Another interesting online job: home-based taxi dispatcher . The main function of the dispatcher may be to search for drivers (if the taxi service works through aggregators ) and control his earnings during the work shift. Local taxi services can take and distribute orders.

Website technical support operator

While preparing a list of popular professions on the Internet, I came across a vacancy for a website technical support operator . His responsibilities included ensuring the smooth operation of 10 sites, identifying potential vulnerabilities, restoring sites from the latest backups and ensuring their full performance, informing customers in case of problems related to the performance of sites, installing and configuring cms, fixing emergency problems, monitoring the registration period . domain names and hosting , site transfer from a test hosting site to the main domain.

Digitizer or cartographer

The remote cartographer is another internet profession on our list today. From this specialist, the ability to create vector maps is required. If you understand satellite imagery , have spatial thinking, or have a cartographic education and experience in the field of geographic information systems, then this vacancy may pleasantly surprise you!

Traffic Manager

You do not know anything about what a traffic manager does and have never heard of this Internet profession? Then you have lost a lot, because a traffic manager is a key figure in a modern Internet project. The main task of a traffic specialist is to find targeted visitors and convert them into buyers (customers). A traffic manager must understand contextual advertising, understand how targeting methods work , how affiliate programs, teasers , newsletters, video channels work . If you understand what it is about, then you have a direct road to this profession!

media planner

But this is already a specialist of the highest category on the Internet: Media planner develops and implements media programs for advertising campaigns. His task is to understand the modern advertising opportunities of the Internet, be able to work with offline advertising channels, television, radio, and understand the key audience of a particular project. Knocking out the return on every ruble invested in advertising is the criterion of significance for an excellent media planner .


Such a foreign term is called a model search manager. You can work as a scout through the Internet, the main duty is to find and communicate with potential models to attract them to a paid school or advertising projects.


Increasingly, on the network you can find such an unusual at first glance Internet profession – a coach . More often, this term hides a business coach or a person who teaches other people how to run an info business , explains and teaches the skills of Internet marketing and various unusual tricks.

Financial analyst

A financial analyst is a remote employee who analyzes financial assets, identifies investment prospects, and reassesses a company’s past performance. A potential candidate for the position of a financial analyst must have knowledge of economics, accounting, and tax law.

Patent Expert

A patent examiner searches for new patents and offers patent services to authors, as well as conducts business correspondence with specialists from the Patent Office.

Financial Consultant

The remote work of a financial consultant is related to the provision of consulting services in the field of finance.


Working with servers, databases (DB), migration, backup, support, updates is a difficult but interesting job for a database administrator, which is required by any enterprise with large amounts of data: a bank, a government agency.

Assistant Arbitrator

Sometimes on the Internet you can come across not only vacancies for specialists, but also job offers for assistants. For example, there is such a remote work of an assistant arbitration manager.

Chief Editor

Major publishing firms may be looking for an online editor-in-chief who is responsible for planning and directing the entire media process.


This specialist searches for and attracts new partners to the affiliate program, so he can work without leaving home.


Many people are familiar with this profession, so it does not need a detailed description. The estimator makes estimates for construction and installation works.

Art agent

The duties of a remote art agent include searching for potential buyers and selling paintings.

Online specialty professions

Football scouting analyst

This employee must have a professional and keen interest in sports events and be able to make high-quality reports/reviews on football players and teams.


Editing and correction of professional technical documentation is one of the main duties of an Internet specialist – proofreader.

Sports commentator

Sports commentator is a new Internet profession. Such a specialist must know the rules of sports, regularly attend sports competitions and perform the duties of commenting on sports games.

industrial designer

Design and development of industrial equipment, design of production processes – such functions are found when posting a remote vacancy for an industrial designer.


Adobe skills Photoshop , Adobe Lightroom , Adobe Camera Raw and other graphic editors will help the retoucher find a job on the Internet.


A talented artist is needed by many companies, and working in a home office, he can achieve maximum creative success.


Creation of animated films, visualization of advertising, special effects – all this can and can be done by an animator.

literary agent

The search for new literary masterpieces, the search for talented authors, literary taste and an active life position will be required to work as a remote literary agent.

Residential Property Browser

There is such a remote vacancy on the Internet. A residential real estate surveyor is required to visit the objects and describe them in detail in “delicious language”.

style producer

The style producer works with showrooms , ateliers, shops, buyers , stylists, make-up artists, and other public from the beauty world.


Remote cooperation with recording studios will help an arranger who can create mixes , backing tracks , author’s compositions and simply beautiful music to find a job via the Internet.

TV program editor

Yes, yes, you are not mistaken! Today, you can get a job as an editor of television programs at home: after all, you can work with video programs remotely. All you need is a good computer.


Secretaries are already going online : there is no longer a need to keep such a specialist in the company’s staff – his functions can be outsourced or freelanced .


Surprisingly, advanced companies transfer even warehouse work to the Internet: an employee must prepare applications for the supply of goods, control warehouse stocks, take inventory, and all this can be done without leaving home through a special program.

Driver manager

To control taxi drivers in a taxi depot, there is often such a position that involves working at home.

tax consultant

A tax specialist can also work remotely, and his services may be needed by an accounting or audit firm.

Cadastral engineer

The presence of a valid certificate of a cadastral engineer, an EDS and a seal is all that is needed to apply for this remote vacancy.

Online booking specialist

Ordering air/railway tickets and ground services can take place around the clock, so companies providing these services need online booking specialists .

Investment Advisor

Advising potential investors via the Internet and modern means of communication is the main task of a remote investment advisor.

Sales Representative

In new countries on a remote basis, representatives of a developing company are required quite often, and you can also get a job from other large cities.


When compiling this online list of remote vacancies, I came across another unusual profession: a pediatrician for remote consultations.

Lecturer of webinars on correctional pedagogy

Conducting webinars via Skype in conference mode (when several viewers can connect to the webinar at the same time) is an interesting job for speech therapists and correctional pedagogy specialists.

Optical engineer

Even such a seemingly purely offline profession caught my eye on one of the job search resources: an optical engineer was required to develop and design microscopes and lenses from home.

Youtube specialist

YouTube specialist must be able to mount, edit videos, set up channels on youtube .

Video channel manager YouTube

A remote YouTube manager finds the target audience for the channel and promotes it.

youtube channel host

This creative vacancy is to create videos on YouTube .

Youtube Video Advertising Specialist

Another interesting online vacancy from YouTube is a specialist in media advertising.

Site Administrator

Development, administration and support of sites. Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript , MySQL . With this position, everything is clear.

3D designer

Graphic designer who works from home with 3D layouts.

System Administrator

Also as old as the world but not lost its relevance is the Internet profession.

IT project manager

Everything is clear here: a serious, experienced professional can manage the next Internet project, and therefore the salaries for this vacancy are appropriate.

Marketing director

The control of the advertising company, the work of copywriters , advertisers , directologists are the responsibility of the marketing director in the Internet project.

insurance agent

Direct sales, making appointments, negotiating with legal entities and individuals on the conclusion of motor vehicle, property, life and health insurance contracts – this is done by a remote insurance agent

Scientific analyst

Scientific work is full of adventure and romance, analyze at your own pace, acting as a scientist analyst in the home office.

online teacher

online teachers on their staff who give lessons via the Internet.

Designer – constructor

The design of new design ideas and their implementation are the responsibility of this specialist.


The ability to draw cartoons and caricatures can be successfully embodied in online magazines , especially political ones.

Musical critic

Music critic is also in demand on the Internet.

Videos babysitter

Child care remotely using special programs

laboratory assistant

Remote medical analysis is his main job

Family doctor

Doctor doing online family medicine consultations remotely


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