Why Karjalan Prince invests in villas

I only speak for those who understand the risk. Risk in business is the main problem. The lower the risk, the lower the profit. If you want to earn money, take risks.

Conservative investments are needed, but they are only for saving capital. To increase capital, you need to take a high risk.

What do I think about investing in stocks?

Stocks are good, but you don’t control the inside and you don’t know what the price will be in a minute! I have a great background in mathematics and I calculated that investing in stocks is too risky!

Investments in shares in terms of risk correspond to investments in cryptocurrency. But the cryptocurrency has a much higher chance of multiplying your profits, for example, if the cryptocurrency shoots on the hype. I study the issue of investing in cryptocurrency and try to act with risk in mind.

But only if you fully manage the business – you can calculate all the risks. The real estate business is a priority for me. But only the right property can bring profit. Otherwise, you’ll just take a loss…

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