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how to increase views on youtube - instructionYouTube – the most popular site where anyone can try their hand and become a video star! In addition to popularity, the status of the YouTube star gives you opportunities to earn money. Аll known PewDiePie, JennaMarbles, Nigahiga gain millions of views. They found their key how to increase views on youtube video, how to become a famous youtuber.

To become a successful video blogger, you do not need a lot of money and big investments. You can increase the views of your videos on YouTube in the usual ways that do not require complex knowledge, years of experience and money costs. Most video bloggers shoot videos on a regular smartphone and this does not prevent them from promoting YouTube channel to the very top. So, let’s see how to raise your youtube channel.

Analysis of competitors

To start promoting in YouTube, you need to analysis of competitors. Who are the competitors? They are the ones who have achieved success. To do this, you need to look at the most popular, advanced competitors in your subject and understand their advantages. What is their strength? It can be different special effects, the manner of dealing with the viewer, confidence, the place of shooting.

Video on the first page of YouTube on the search query Funny
Channels on request Funny

Analysis of comments

You can begin the analysis of any competitor from viewing comments to his video. If you want to understand how to increase the number of views on YouTube, you need to read the comments and understand how the channel’s author communicates with his audience.

Closing comments under your video is not recommended, because it reduces the interest of the audience to the channel.

Sometimes vlogers close discussions so that people do not write spam and nasty messages. But this significantly reduces the popularity of the channel. YouTube uses comments as one of the main indicators of the channel. Get rid of spam in the comments is simple enough. As a spam controller in Youtube, you need to specify a list of blocked words. Messages that contain these words will be banned automatically.

 Spam controller in Youtube
Place for blocked words

Learning Design

After you study the thread of discussions of your chosen competitor, you need to pay attention to the design and description of the channel. The design of the channel often affects its progress. Attractive design attracts new viewers. Bad design may even scare off potential subscribers.

The most important design parameters of the YouTube channel:

  • Сhannel art
  • Image of video
  • Intro and Outro for video (special effect at the beginning and at the end)

To correctly understand the benefits of your competitors, you need to look at how much on average under video likes and dislikes. This helps to learn how to increase views on youtube channel.

Comparison of dislikes:

  • Medium channel – 100 likes and 10% of dislikes
  • Top-level channel – 100 likes and 1% of dislikes

Open Statistics

Sometimes luck can smile at you and the next competitor will have an open statistics of views under the video. The fact is that not everyone closes it, and it can be accessed. From this statistic you can find out all the important parameters for creating the next video and understand where you should move. If you do not find the statistics of the selected video, then on the Internet there are different sites, thanks to which you can find statistics of any video and channel.

According to this statistics, you can understand how many views per day the selected theme has. There are video clips that collect views only of subscribers, and there are more “broad in scope” videos that are watched by everyone. Thematic videos can have daily views from YouTube search for several years.

Analysis of search results on first page of YouTube

Another important indicator that you need to monitor is the analysis of search results on first page of YouTube. What it is? These are the videos that YouTube shows on the first page. The main thing is that here you can understand which videos and which channels are the most popular and why?

Extension for Google Chrome – vidIQ

What it is? vidIQ is a useful (and most importantly, free) extension for Google Chrome browser that allows you to more closely examine competitors and your videos, make comparisons, and understand the reasons for the growth or fall of the audience.

Extension for Google Chrome - vidIQ
Example of vidIQ extension working
vidIQ extension working

What can vidIQ do for YouTube:

  • This allows you to estimate the revenue of the channel and the revenue of a particular video.
  • Opens the access to view the key phrases of the competitor and the place in search results on pages of YouTube..
  • Allows you to find out how many people per hour, per day or other time interval are watching a particular video.
  • Reveals the sources of social activity: you can find out in which social networks people shared videos, how many people liked or dislike the video.
  • Shows the keywords and phrases of the channel. You will be able to see all the keys, which the author wrote in its channel.
  • Allows you to copy key phrases and words from other channels and insert them into your channel.
  • vidIQ helps to become a famous youtuber

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is the most important place in the channel settings, which you will have to follow regularly if you want to learn how to increase views on YouTube fast. How to log in and where to watch YouTube Analytics? It’s very simple! You need to click on your channel icon, then click on the «Creative Studio» tab and in the opened window will be the menu item «YouTube Analytics». This is what you need.

YouTube Analitics in your page
YouTube Analitics

Below I’ll go over the main parameters of the settings of YuyTube Analyticks, for which you need to follow.


Here you can see information about the number of views of all videos, statistics for each video separately, data for the last 3 days or all the time.

YouTube Analitics: Overview

Also from this section you can find out the revenue by days. Average view in minutes. Ratings (like, dislike). How many viewers shared the video.


This option is important to understand which videos are held, and which clips cease to be in the TOP and lose popularity.

YouTube Analitics: Realtime

Audience retention

One of the most important parameters on Youtube is audience retention. It is expressed in% of the total viewing time. The higher this%, the higher Youtube raises your video in recommendations from other viewers. Audience retention shows where the viewers starts to miss and turns off the video. The normal level when the views are reduced to 65-40%. If viewing falls earlier, by 20-30%, then people are not interested in such content and you must urgent to change something! Competitors have better video!

YouTube Analitics: Audience retention
Audience retention

To increase views on Youtube excellent factor is the return to the overview, which increases audience retention parameter above 100%. Here is a good example: culinary channels. The viewer is watching video and returns periodically to re-look at some point. Also a high return has a video about repairs, workshops, children’s crafts, courses, instructions.


From this report you can understand the gender and age of your viewers.

YouTube Analitics: Demographics

And on the basis of this, evaluate whether your channel falls into your target audience. If you find your audience, you will quickly understand what to shoot and how to become a popular youtuber.

Traffic sources

From this report you can find out where your viewers come from. This can be search, similar videos, search engines, etc.

YouTube Analitics: Traffic sources
Traffic sources


This section will show you, from which devices viewers come to you most often.

YouTube Analitics: Devices


Subscribers shows the level of popularity of the channel. By the number of subscribers, people make conclusions about how interesting the channel is for the audience.

YouTube Analitics: Subscribers

Likes and dislikes

This is one of the most important parameters among the reports on interaction, showing the reaction of viewers to your videos.

YouTube Analitics: Likes and dislikes
Likes and dislikes

In this parameter, Youtube also ranks the video in the SERP. The more dislikes, the lower the video drops. Some SEOs believe that the ratio of the number of likes / dislikes in the first hours is capable of either raising the video in the TOP, or pushing it beyond the first page of the SERP, where no one will ever see it.


This is also an important indicator. Here you can see the most actively discussed videos.

YouTube Analitics: Comments

YouTube likes it when the video has a lot of comments and it also positively influences to growth of the channel.

Video Themes

For my part, I recommend working with Google Adwords when you will search for popular keyword phrases. In the theme of your video, you should use the keyword promotion. For example: you can name your video “How to make money”, or you can use another name for the video “My Profit History”. By the second name no one will find a video, but on the first name you can get a lot of views.

Also there is a cunning rule – the key phrase should be written in three places:

  1. In the title,
  2. in description
  3. in tags.
three places for your key phrase: title, description, tags
Three places for your key phrase

This gives to YouTube search engines an understanding of the relevance of this video clip to a specific search query.

Be in the TV trend

You need to watch the talk show if you want to promote YouTube videos. Take a video on your channel about the popular on TV. Discussion of scandalous themes about the stars helps in the promotion of the channel:

  • Who gets divorced or marries.
  • Who gives birth to children.
  • What purchases do the stars (unusual car, country palace, etc.)
  • Who was arrested and for what.
  • Policy

You can shoot a video with reflections on a popular themes, publish it, and you’ll see how the video views will start to increase.

Here is a good example from the recent past. When there were Trump elections, the most popular search queries were “Who is Melania Trump?”, “How old is Ivanka Trump?”, Etc..

On these themes, the video will not be popular forever, but it can push the channel’s popularity up. At the initial stage, channel promotion may depend from such themes.

What themes are not popular at the initial stage of channel promotion? This is a video blog. Video about yourself. Why? Because no one knows the new blogger and will not subscribes to him without extreme necessity. If you are a famous person, then vlogs is your themes..

Rare themes

Search for rare themes where there are few competitors – it’s looking for low-frequency queries, where there are few competitors. Low-frequency queries are low-frequency queries for which there are few transitions. But the more such video clips, the higher the total number of visitors to your channel and the more subscribers..


It is not necessary to be like a well-known videobloger to achieve success on YouTube. Everything changes every day and your unique idea can turn out to be popular, even if you are not like anyone else and you shoot a video in your style, even if now you do not know how promote YouTube videos. The main rule of successful promotion of the channel on YouTube is regular work with optimism. Even if at first your videos are not watching – do not give up and continue to work. This is success of any YouTube channel!

With you was Oleg Rights, good luck!

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