How To Make Money FAST When Unemployed

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Hello friends! Glad to see you on this blog. I’ll tell you how to make money if you do not have a job. Finding a work is a difficult task, because unemployment is very high today.

Job-hunting is often time consuming and we can think that bad times have come. But it is not so! The most popular ways to make money – is very accessible. So, I begin.

Method №1: Become a freelancer

Find a permanent job offline is difficult. Internet comes to the rescue – you have the most popular way to make money using a website for freelancers. For example

You will have many orders if you are a web developer, a web designer, you know how to work with PHP, Javascript, С++, WordPress, Joomla!

This way you can earn up to US $100 per hour.

Method №2: Run errands for an elderly person

A lot of senior citizens need help, doing some basic daily tasks. If you know any elderly people in your area, ask them if you can help them out by getting groceries, moving furniture, fixing computer problems, or watering plants. You can offer your services to senior citizens.

elderly sign

This work can generate daily income of US $ 30.

Method №3: start a video blog on Youtube

Another popular way to become rich quickly is to start a video blog on Youtube. It can do each. You need to have a camera or smartphone. You can make a video about what you like and earn on the Youtube advertising system.

youtube channel

A popular channel on Youtube earns US $50 every day.

Method №4: Walk dogs in your neighborhood

While most people enjoy walking their dogs, they’re often too busy to do so during the day. So, if you like dogs and have a lot of energy, you can do it and have much money.

Walk dogs

You can have US $20 daily.

Method №5: Sell stock photos

If you have a decent camera and know how to compose an image, try taking stock photos and selling them online. They don’t usually make much per sale, but remember that you’re also developing a useful skill and a relaxing hobby. Plus, if you put a lot of time and practice into it, you can actually end up making quite a round sum of money.

Popular photo stocks:

About errors that must be avoided when working with stocks you can learn from this article.

In this way you can have US $10-20 daily.

Method №6: Participate in local scientific research

Many universities and pharmaceutical companies pay people to take part in studies or clinical trials. You can join these studies and earn. But you need to make sure that you are suitable conditions for scientific research.

scientific research

Some universities and pharmaceutical companies pay US $50 daily.

Method №7: Sell unused items in online classifieds

If you have any items like valuable collectibles which you are willing to part with, you can sell them on websites like Ebay or Craiglist. You’ll find people who are specifically interested in what you’re selling and thus willing to pay a higher price. If you live in Europe, then you can use OLX.


In this way you can have US $100 and more.

These are the 7 most common ways to make money if you are Unemployed. Thanks for attention.

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